Australian Consulate-General
Chengdu, China

Consul General visits Guizhou

Consul-General visits Guizhou

Consul-General Nancy Gordon recently visited Guizhou to increase cooperation on trade, investment and tourism.

Consul-General Nancy Gordon meets Vice Governor Meng Qiliang

In Guiyang, Consul-General met Guizhou provincial and Guiyang municipal leaders, and visited the Guiyang Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, as well as the newly approved state-level Gui’an New Area.

Consul-General also met Anshun Vice Mayor Luo Xiaohong, and visited the Anshun Economic Development Zone.

In Sansui County, northeast Guizhou, Consul-General inspected a water safety project funded by Australia’s Direct Aid Program (DAP). The project is now providing clean water to a total 358 villagers from 82 households in Xuedong town.

Australian DAP project in Xuedong Town, Sansui County