Australian Consulate-General
Chengdu, China

International Women's Day Dinner - 10 June, 2022

International Women's Day Dinner: "Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow."

On the evening of June 10, 2022, the Australian Consulate General in Chengdu belatedly held an International Women's Day Dinner. The theme was " Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow". Thirty outstanding female representatives and male friends from government, consulates, schools, businesses and social organizations attended the dinner.



Ms Adelle Neary, Consul-General of Australia in Chengdu said “Earlier this year, due to COVID-19, the Consulate General was unable to host this event in Chongqing to mark International Women's Day. I am delighted to finally have the opportunity to celebrate International Women's Day with so many inspiring women and male allies.”

Consul General of Australia, Ms Adelle Neary


This year, one of the two themes of International Women's Day is “Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow.” The Australian Government recognises, celebrates and supports women and girls around the world, helping to address inequity in the face of disasters and during crises, conflicts and pandemics.


China observed National Low-Carbon Day on 15 June. Guest speaker, Ms. Fu Wenjie General Manager, Chongqing 922 Carbon Workshop Technology Development Company (Secretary General, Chongqing Low Carbon Association) talked about how women are participating in, and contributing to, sustainable development in green and low-carbon areas.

Ms. Fu Wenjie General Manager, Chongqing 922 Carbon

Workshop Technology Development Co., Ltd


Climate change and environmental sustainability are issues that affect us all. The Australian Government recognizes that women and girls face greater risks from these issues, in part due to a lack of economic security. But this does not make women and girls passive participants - they can be strong and effective leaders and agents of change. By achieving gender equality, women are better positioned to achieve a better and sustainable future.