Australian Consulate-General
Chengdu, China

“Running to America” movie screening

Running to America” movie screening and Sydney Marathon discussion at the Australian Consulate General, Chengdu


Following the official launch of the "Panda Koala Cup" Sports Carnival at the Dongan Lake Sports Centre in Chengdu on 15 September, the Australian Consulate General in Chengdu and Destination New South Wales jointly hosted a movie screening of “Running to America” on the evening of 16 September.

Dozens of Chengdu runners and marathon enthusiasts, including some who had participated in the Sydney Marathon, participated in this event. Ten lucky runners won tickets for the 2022 Sydney Marathon.

“Australian healthy lifestyle Sports culture is passed on from generation to generation There are many similarities between the lifestyles of Chengdu and Australia. We enjoy food with friends, we love sports and outdoor activities, and we tend to choose a healthy lifestyle” Australian Consul General in Chengdu Adelle Neary said


"Running to America", directed by Steven McGregor and Matt Long, tells an exciting and true story about dreams and aspirations. Australian marathon legend Robert de Castella has been a long-term supporter of community health and in 2009 he founded The Indigenous Marathon Project (The Indigenous Marathon Project).  In 2011, four young Aboriginal men from remote communities in Arnhem Land, the Kimberley, and the Central Desert in Australia made history to become the first Australian aborigines to participate in the New York Marathon. 22-year-old Juan Darwin, 18-year-old Joseph Davies, 17-year-old Caleb Hart, and 27-year-old Charlie Maher.

The continuous development of IMP led to the establishment of The Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF) in 2015. The IMF is a health promotion charity dedicated to celebrating the tenacity and achievements of Aboriginal Australians through running and cultivating inspiring Aboriginal leaders.  Now with over 109 graduates finishing in a major international marathon, including New York, Boston, Tokyo, London, Paris and Berlin.  The graduates must also complete compulsory education in health and leadership.



Although not everyone can become a world champion, everyone can choose to pursue a healthier and more active life. The Sydney Marathon is a beautiful and spectacular event with a route inherited from the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympic Marathon. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, it would attract about 33,000 runners from all over the world every year. At the film-screening on 16 September, marathon enthusiasts in Chengdu shared their experiences participating in the Sydney Marathon and other marathon events.

Michelle Fu from Destination New South Wales gave a presentation on all the adventures in NSW, from delicacies to literature and art.