Australian Consulate-General
Chengdu, China

Opening of the Australia-China (Chongqing) Economic and Trade Forum (10/05/2019) 澳大利亚-中国(重庆)经贸论坛开幕式

欢迎大家参加由澳大利亚驻成都总领事馆和重庆市政府外事办公室共同发起并主办的澳大利亚-中国(重庆)经贸论坛。我首先要对重庆外办以及其他相关单位给予论坛的  大力支持,表示衷心的感谢。

Welcome to the Australia-China (Chongqing) Economic and Trade Forum, co-organised by the Australian Consulate-General in Chengdu and Chongqing Municipal Government’s Foreign Affairs Office (FAO).  First and foremost, I want to thank Chongqing FAO and other Chongqing government departments for your generous support and assistance on this event.


此次活动的举办具有十分重要和特别的意义。因为这是澳大利亚和重庆第一次开展经贸论坛。它反映了重庆作为  中国西南地区经济发展的中心城市不断提升的地位,以及在长江经济带、一带一路倡议和陆海新通道等战略中的  重要作用。

This forum is especially significant because it is the first of its kind between Australia and Chongqing, demonstrating Chongqing’s growing status as an economic centre for southwest China, and its important role in national strategies such as the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the Belt and Road Initiative, and the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor.


澳大利亚和重庆的交往由来已久,但我们希望可以进一步  扩大和加强双方在经贸领域的合作,特别是在食品饮料行业。重庆是中国大陆第一个进口澳大利亚活牛的口岸,澳洲安全、健康、绿色的乳制品、海鲜、肉类、奶酪、葡萄酒等产品深受重庆消费者的欢迎,需求量逐年增加。稍后双方的官员和企业家将共同探讨如何充分利用市场机会,促进互利共赢;下午,澳大利亚食品饮料行业的优秀企业将与重庆的合作伙伴展开面对面的对接洽谈。我很自豪地告诉大家,这是迄今为止访问西南地区的最大规模的  澳洲食品行业代表团,用重庆话来说,是“很吆(yāo)不到台”的!

Australia has a longstanding relationship with Chongqing, but we hope to do more to strengthen trade and investment ties, especially in the food and beverage sector.  Chongqing was the first city in mainland China to import live cattle from Australia. Local demand for Australia’s safe, healthy and premium produce, such as dairy, seafood, beef, cheese and wine, is growing year by year.  Today, government officials and business representatives from both sides will speak about market opportunities and discuss ways to promote mutually beneficial cooperation.  This afternoon’s business matching session will allow Australian food and beverage companies and Chongqing local businesses to discuss potential partnerships.  I’m proud to announce that this will be the largest business-to-business Australian food and beverage showcase ever held in southwest China.  In Chongqing dialect, we would say “很吆不到台” or “awesome”!


此外,今天论坛举办的时机也很特别。中澳自由贸易协定  已经进入全面深入实施阶段,从今年开始,大部分澳洲产品包括牛肉、葡萄酒在内的进口关税都已降至零,两国去年的贸易额已高达约1万亿人民币;中澳双边关系也在  积累更多积极的能量。 前不久, 澳大利亚政府宣布建立一个新的、具有创新意义的澳中关系国立基金会,推动双方在各领域的合作。

The timing of today’s forum is also significant.  The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement is being comprehensively implemented.  From 1 January this year, tariffs on many Australian exports to China, including beef and wine, were removed.  Last year, two-way trade between Australia and China reached a record high of nearly 1 trillion RMB.  Bilateral relations continue to develop on a positive trajectory.  Only a few weeks ago, the Australian Government announced the establishment of the National Foundation for Australia-China Relations, in order to strengthen cooperation across all fields between our two countries.



I hope everyone here will take advantage of today’s forum to further pursue the opportunities for greater trade and economic cooperation between Australia and Chongqing, and contribute to our shared growth.


女士们,先生们,说到澳大利亚和重庆的合作就不能不提到昆士兰州。不仅因为昆士兰州首府布里斯班和重庆是友好城市,更因为双方在农业、食品、矿业、创新、教育、旅游等方面有着十分紧密的联系。今天,我们也有幸请到了昆士兰州农业发展和渔业部长  Mark Furner议员阁下,接下来他将发表致辞,为大家介绍昆士兰的优势产业。

Of course ladies and gentlemen, I cannot talk about Australia-Chongqing cooperation without mentioning Queensland.  Not only because of Brisbane and Chongqing’s sister city relationship, but also because of their strong ties in agriculture, food, mining, innovation, education and tourism.  Today, we are honoured and delighted to have with us Queensland Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries, the Hon Mr Mark Furner, to give a speech on Queensland’s many strengths in these industries.



I look forward to a productive forum today, and wish everybody present success in their future business ventures.



Thank you!