Australian Consulate-General
Chengdu, China

Old Masters: Australia’s Bark Artists Exhibition Opening Remarks (26/06/2019)

Ladies and gentlemen, friends, good afternoon!




It is an honour to join you today to launch Old Masters: Australia’s Great Bark Artists exhibition at the magnificent Sichuan Museum.


我很荣幸今天和大家一起,在宏伟的四川博物院参加《大师:澳大利亚树皮画 艺术家》展览揭幕仪式。


First of all, I would like to acknowledge and pay my respects to the Bininj [Bin-in] and Yonlƞu [Yuul-new] traditional owners, their elders past, present and emerging, whose lands, cultures and traditions these Old Masters artworks have come from.


我首先要向宾因和尤纽地区的  原住民,他们  过去、 现在和未来的长者致敬,他们的土地、文化和传统 正是此次展览的来源。


Australia’s Indigenous peoples form one of the world’s oldest living cultures, with over 60,000 years of history.  The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have played and continue to play active and significant roles in Australian life and society, particularly through their tireless efforts in championing and sharing Australia’s diversity with the world.


澳大利亚原住民是世界上现存最古老的文化之一,距今已有六万多年的历史。 原住民和托雷斯海峡岛民在澳大利亚社会和人民生活中发挥着非常积极、   重要的作用,特别是在向全世界推广和分享 澳大利亚的多元文化方面,他们做出了不懈的努力。


The Old Masters exhibition includes over 100 pieces of rare and fragile artworks and objects that reflect Australia’s rich indigenous culture.  It is the most significant collection of Aboriginal bark paintings to ever tour China.  These national treasures highlight the works of 40 master painters from Western, Central and Eastern Arnhem Land in Australia’s Northern Territory.


《大师》展览  包括  一百多件  珍稀且 易损的艺术品 和文物,反映了 澳大利亚丰富的原住民文化。这是迄今为止最高规格的原住民树皮画  中国巡展。这些国宝级艺术品出自四十位原住民大师级画家之手,他们来自澳大利亚北领地的阿那姆地西部、中部和东部地区。


This exhibit is also an important Australian cultural initiative, one that the Australian Government, through the Australia-China Council - soon to be replaced by a larger and wider scale National Foundation for Australia-China Relations - is proud to support.


这也是一项  重要的文化交流活动。澳大利亚政府非常自豪能通过澳中理事会 为巡展提供支持。澳中理事会不久将被一个  规模更大更广的  澳中关系国立基金会所取代。


As Australia’s Consul-General to southwest China, I am excited to welcome this exhibition to Chengdu after its successful tours in Bejing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.  I am pleased the people of Sichuan will have the opportunity to view and appreciate our Indigenous bark paintings first-hand.


我作为澳大利亚在西南地区的总领事, 很兴奋能在 成都迎来《大师》展览。展览已经在北京、上海和深圳取得了成功,     我很高兴四川人民也将有机会亲自观看和了解澳大利亚原住民树皮画。


The Australian Consulate-General in Chengdu is committed to promoting Indigenous culture, and Australia’s diversity more broadly, in southwest China.  In recent years, we have organised events throughout the region with Indigenous artists, musicians, academics and authors. 


澳大利亚驻成都总领事馆致力于在中国西南地区,加强和推广原住民艺术以及澳大利亚的多元文化。 最近几年,我们 已经在领区内举办了 多次原住民的艺术、音乐、文学和    研究活动。


Ladies and gentlemen, the opening of Old Masters marks a milestone in Australia-Sichuan relations.  To mount a touring exhibition of this kind is not an easy undertaking.  I congratulate and acknowledge the team at the National Museum of Australia for bringing this exhibition to Chengdu.


女士们,先生们,《大师》展览是澳大利亚和四川友好关系中的  一个 里程碑。组织这么一次展览非常不容易。所以我要祝贺并感谢 澳大利亚国家博物馆的团队将展览带到了成都。


I must also thank our local partners Mr Lu Yue,  Mr Wei Quan and their team at the Sichuan Museum, as well as Mr Wang Yi and Sichuan Cultural Relics Bureau, for your great support in making this exhibition happen.


这次展览更离不开四川省文物局王毅局长, 卢越书记、韦荃副院长和四川博物院的同事们的大力支持, 谢谢你们。


I look forward to this and our future collaborations leading to increased mutual understanding and closer people-to-people links between Australia and Sichuan in the years to come.




Finally, I wish Old Masters: Australia’s Great Bark Artists exhibition at Sichuan Museum every success.


最后,祝《大师:澳大利亚  树皮画 艺术家》展览  在四川博物院取得圆满成功!Thank you. 谢谢大家。