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The Australia-China “She Inspires Me” Photo Competition

The Australia-China “She Inspires Me” Photo Competition


How do you capture the achievements of women in a single photo?  That’s our challenge to you!  The Australian Consulate-General in Chengdu, in partnership with Fotor, is delighted to announce the “She Inspires Me” photo competition will accept entries from 8 March to 15 April 2019.


We want you to provide us with a photograph that shares the story of the inspiring women in your community who are making a difference. Snap the perfect photo, add a short description of how this person inspires you, and help build closer friendship and understanding between Australia and China.


Winners from both Australia and China will have the opportunity to have their photos exhibited, with one grand prize winner from each country to win flights between Melbourne and Chengdu, sponsored by Sichuan Airlines. Selected runners-up will receive two bottles of fine Australian wine.


The competition will run from 8 March to 15 April 2019 and entry is free.  It will be hosted, managed and moderated by Fotor, an international photographic competition platform for desktop and mobile devices. To enter, people just need to download the Fotor app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (, read the competition terms and conditions, and start snapping!


How to enter? 

1. Download the Fotor App from the Apple App Store or Google Play (or at

2. Navigate to the 'She Inspires Me' competition under 'Events' 

3. Submit your photograph with a caption of 50-100 words for a chance to win! 



“Tammy Ven Dange inspires me because she excels at anything she sets her mind to do.  She ran an animal shelter in Canberra, worked for NASA, volunteered in Africa, owned several companies, helped found not-for-profit enterprises, and represented Australia three times as a dragon boat paddler.”

 “Glenda Gauci inspires me because she was the first Asian Australian woman appointed as an ambassador of Australia.  Smart, energetic and kind, Glenda was a role model and a mentor.  She died of mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos fibres, at just 47 years old.” 

 “Paige epitomises the modern Chengdu woman – capable, independent and cosmopolitan.  She runs her own business providing interpreting and training services.  Her work builds understanding between Chengdu and the rest of the world, contributing to the city’s ongoing opening and internationalisation.  Paige is passionate about photography and travel.”


Thank you to our sponsor


Competition Rules


Competition Name

1. The “She Inspires Me Photo Competition” (the Competition) is a competition run by the Commonwealth of Australia through the Australian Consulate-General in Chengdu (the Consulate), administered by Chengdu Fotor Everimaging Science and Technology Company Limited (Fotor) and hosted on Fotor’s mobile phone applications “Fotor” and “PxBee” (herein, collectively, referred to as “Fotor’s applications”).

Competition Period

2. The Competition will run from 00:00 (UTC +08:00), 8 March 2019 to 24:00 (UTC +08:00), 15 April 2019 (Competition Period).


3. Entry into the Competition is free and is open to: people 18 years of age and older who either reside in or are nationals of Australia or China.

4. Employees of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Fotor, the Consulate or its attached agencies, its contractors and/or their immediate family members are ineligible to enter the Competition. Immediate family member means a spouse, de facto partner, child, grandchild, parent, grandparent and/or sibling (and their spouses)

5. The Consulate and Fotor reserve the right to verify the eligibility of each Entrant and to exclude and/or disqualify any Entrant who does not meet the eligibility requirements. By entering the Competition, the Entrant warrants that he or she is eligible.

Entering the Competition

6. To enter the Competition each Entrant must, during the Competition Period:

                   a. Submit entries using Fotor’s applications and agree and accept the Fotor Terms of Service (

7. There is no limit to the number of times an Entrant may enter the Competition.

Content Criteria

8. For an entry to be considered valid and eligible for judging it must meet the following content criteria:

a. Theme - showcase the photographs that capture each Entrant’s own story of the achievements of women in Australia and/or in China. The entries should reflect equality and consider the positive impact of women in one’s life and the broader community and include a story of 50-100 words describing how “She Inspires Me”.

b. Aesthetics - borders, frames, watermarks, signatures, clip art, text or any artistic overlays will not be accepted.  Collages or adding or replacing elements in an entry will not be accepted;

c. Inappropriate content - Distasteful, offensive, obscene, defamatory or discriminatory entries will not be accepted;

d. Size – entries cannot exceed 10000*10000 pixels.

9. Fotor will remove inappropriate content and / or prevent an Entrant from submitting new entries at its sole discretion.


10. Within one week of the end of the competition period, Fotor will shortlist 30 entries by popularity based on a number of criteria including the total number of “likes” each entry received on Fotor’s applications, relevance of the photo to the competition theme, the quality of the photo, the quality of the attached descriptive caption and at the discretion of the competition organisers. 

11. If an entry is shortlisted, the entrant must, within one week from receiving email and or phone call notification of shortlisting, are to provide the following information:

             a. Contact details including name, address and country of residence;

             b. a statement that the entrant is the author and the copyright owner of his or her entry.

12. Entrants who fail to provide complete information in accordance with paragraph 11 will be removed from the shortlist and be replaced by another entry.

Judging Criteria

13. The shortlisted Entries will be judged by a jury panel consisting of one delegate from the Consulate and two delegates from Fotor (the Jury Panel) and based on the following criteria:

  1. aesthetic merit;
  2. the extent to which the short story is reflected through the photograph; and
  3. the extent to which both the photo and the accompanying short story reflect the competition theme.

14. Entries which Fotor determines have involved fraudulent practices, such as false email addresses or the use of fake Fotor accounts to increase “likes”, or any other illegitimate behaviour to gain advantage over other entrants, will be disqualified from the Competition. 

Competition Prizes

Grand Jury Prizes sponsored by Sichuan Airlines:
  •  Return ticket from Melbourne to Chengdu for one Australian winner (excluding tax;  bookings subject to blackout periods);
  •  Return ticket from Chengdu to Melbourne for one China winner (excluding tax; bookings subject to blackout periods).
Runner-up Jury Prizes sponsored by Gemtree Wines 
  • The first five runners-up from each country will each receive two bottles of Australian fine wine (including postage within Australia or China)
Shortlisted entrants will have their entries displayed in a competition exhibition arranged by the Consulate to be launched on 25 May 2019.
15. The Prizes are given "as is" without any warranty, and are not transferable or exchangeable for cash. The Consulate reserves the right to substitute the Prize with another prize of similar value if the original prize becomes unavailable.

16. Unless otherwise specified in these terms and conditions, the Consulate will not be responsible for any costs whatsoever associated with the award, acceptance, receipt or use of the Prize, including any cost of travelling to redeem the Prize, visas and accommodation costs. For the Grand Jury Prizes, the winners are responsible for ensuring that they have a valid passport and, if required, visa for travel.

Notification and collection of Prizes

17. Fotor will announce the winners of the Competition by announcing them in a post on Fotor’s applications after the end of the Competition Period.

18. Fotor will also notify the winners by email and private message on Fotor’s applications within two business days of announcing the result.

19. The Grand Jury Prize will be awarded in Kunming on 27 May 2019 by the Australian Consul-General to southwest China. The Runner-up Jury Prizes will be sent by post.

20. If the winners fail to collect the Prizes in accordance with paragraph 19, the winners will forfeit the Prizes and the Consulate reserves the right to request the Jury Panel to select another winner, in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Intellectual property

21. The Entrant warrants that his or her entry has not been copied, recreated, reproduced or derived from any other work and that the entry does not infringe on any other legal, intellectual property or privacy rights of any third party. The Entrant indemnifies and holds harmless the Consulate and Fotor from any and all claims by any third party arising out of the use of the Entrant’s entry, including but not limited to claims of infringement or violation of the intellectual property or privacy rights of the third party.

22. The Entrant grants the Consulate and Fotor a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable, non-transferable, perpetual licence to use, modify, copy, delete from, add to, publicly display and/or reproduce, the Entrant’s entry, in whole or in part, in any medium, now or at any time in the future for any purpose.

23. By uploading contents (e.g. photos) to Fotor market of stock photos or by checking the option of selling through Fotor the photos submitted to this Competition, users are aware and agree that the contents uploaded to Fotor will be made available in the Fotor market of stock photos and could potentially be sold in the future. See Fotor Market Terms for more details at

24. The Entrant grants the Consulate, Fotor and prize sponsor Sichuan Airlines the right to use his or her Personal details, entry title, entry story and/or entry for promotional purposes without payment of additional consideration, except where prohibited by law. This includes but is not limited to announcing the result of the Competition and publishing the name of the winner on Fotor’s applications and in the competition exhibition.


25. Personal information associated with the entry and/or winning of the Competition (including, but not limited to, the Entrant’s name, entry title, entry story) will be collected, used and disclosed by the Consulate and Fotor for promotional, marketing and publicity purposes in connection with the Competition. This personal information will be stored by the Consulate and Fotor on secure electronic databases and will be destroyed once it is no longer required for these purposes. If this information is not collected, Fotor will be unable to enter the Entrant into the Competition. For further information regarding how the Consulate will handle this information, please consult our Privacy Policy at:

26. The Entrant should refer to Fotor’s own privacy policy for further information as to how Fotor will handle the Entrant’s personal information at The Entrant also acknowledges that by agreeing to the Consulate disclosing their personal information to overseas recipients including Fotor, if Fotor breaches the Australian Privacy Principles, the Consulate will not be accountable under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Entrant will not be able to seek redress under that Act.


27. The Entrant agrees to indemnify, release and hold harmless the Consulate and Fotor from any liability, damages, losses or injury resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from the Entrant’s participation in the Competition and the acceptance, use or misuse of any Prize that may be won.

28. The Consulate and Fotor are not responsible for content that third parties publish, post, upload, distribute, disseminate or otherwise transmit via social media services. The Consulate and Fotor accept no liability whatsoever arising from or connected to the currency, accuracy or completeness of any material posted on social media sites or elsewhere on the internet and disclaims all responsibility for any loss or damage which may arise from the use of information provided via social media services.

Amendments and cancellation

29. The Consulate reserves the right to, at its absolute discretion and without prior notice, vary, amend, delete or supplement any of these terms and conditions and the Entrant’s continued participation in the Competition amounts to acceptance of any revised terms and conditions. The Entrant should check Fotor’s applications on a regular basis for any changes to these terms and conditions. If an Entrant does not agree to a change, he or she may withdraw from the Competition by removing his or her entries from Fotor’s applications or contacting Fotor by email at [email protected].

30. The Consulate reserves the right to, for any reason and without any obligation to state a particular reason, cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Competition. In the event of such cancellation, termination, modification or suspension, the Consulate may at its absolute discretion elect not to award any Prize in respect of the Competition. The decision of the Consulate to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Competition will not give rise to any liability to pay compensation of any nature to any Entrants.

31. The Consulate’s and Fotor’s decisions in relation to any aspect of the Competition are final and binding on every Entrant. No correspondence will be entered into.

Governing law
32. The Competition is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia. Please note that Fotor’s specific terms and conditions are subject to the laws of the People’s Republic of China.



Please contact  Brodie Burns-Williamson,  Senior Public Affairs Officer, Australian Consulate-General in Chengdu on +86 (028) 6268 5232 or [email protected]